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A humble beginning, Sampre Nutrition has travelled a long and illustrious journey in establishing itself as a one leading of the confectionary manufacturer in India. The company is engaged in manufacturing complete range of confectionery, éclairs, candies, toffees, powder and centre filled products. The company is instrumental to deliver the growing volumes for most of the MNC’s and beside producing its own brand. The group one stop shop for complete range of confectionary productions. “The company is known by the company it keeps.”

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Gurbani Group known for its Quality, commitment and systems almost over 25 years.


The Beginning

Hand Operated Lolly Pop Machine


A Fully Automatic Imported PLC Controlled Continuous Manufacturing Line


Mr. BK Gurbani
First Generation Entreprenuer

Mr.BK Gurbani first generation entrepreneur embarked into the journey to realise his passion to business opportunity way back around 30 years with a humble beginning of hand operated lollipop machine.

With the vision centred on sustained Quality standards, Customer satisfaction & passionately driven with the goal to have facility & trained personnel to meet the Global standards he build the team, manifestation of the effort resulted that today.

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